About us

An expert in cosmetics production

We are a company with 100% Spanish capital specialised in designing, production and marketing of cosmetic products.

We started our activity in the market in 1985. Over three decades, we have established ourselves as a leading company in the sector, by sustaining our work on values such as technological innovation, training of human resources and the pursuit of total quality processes and products.

Our products are distributed throughout various sectors such as beauty and aesthetics, hairdressing, perfumery, pharmaceutical, herbalist, as well as online sales and retail and consumer.

Besides marketing in Spain, our lines of products are exported to the five continents thanks to our agreements with specialised wholesalers.  Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Latin America are their main markets.

Experience in the sector

Developing cosmetic products since 1985

Diet Esthetic has been investing a significant portion of their revenue in Research, Development and Innovation (R + D + I).  As a result, the company has been on the technological leading edge in the Spanish market. Laboratorios Diet Esthetic was a pioneer company in establishing a plan for absolute quality that has allowed for the foundations of strict quality controls on all products to be laid (ISO, HACCP and GMP).

Innovation, experience and assurance

The ability to innovate is part of our DNA.  Every year, we invest a significant portion of our revenue in the development of new products and processes in line with the new needs of the customer of the 21st century.

We own facilities which spread along 1600 sq m and in which our products are produced, packaged, handled, stored and distributed. Our company is in permanent renovation in order to adapt the latest technologies to different departments.  The manufacturing and packaging facilities have renewed air filtering systems (HVAC) C class and complying with EU-GMP standards which are annually audited by external companies.

The internal design, production and marketing processes are subject to ISO 9001 quality and ISO 22716 good manufacturing practice regulations and certified by Bureau Veritas.

Our technical and RDI department works with companies and institutions across the world in the search for new ingredients and production processes. Our regulatory department is responsible for the adaptation of both new and existing products to the continuous legislative changes. Our quality control department has all the necessary facilities to perform checks before the launch of a product.

Today the Laboratorios Diet Esthetic products are recognised by numerous experts that rate them amongst the forefront products and are backed by dermatological tests for assurance and effectiveness conducted by independent testing laboratories.

Our trajectory is endorsed by three decades of constantly offering costumers innovative products of the highest quality, safety and confidence.

Our commitments

  • Quality Police
  • RSC
  • Ethical Principles

Diet Esthetic Laboratories defend in its business principles the social responsibility towards its clients, employees, collaborators and the society in general. This policy endeavours to guarantee that the requirements and specifications of our clients are satisfied, as well as conforming to the standards and administrative regulations which apply.

For these reasons, the Management wishes to communicate to all the components of its company, this commitment to quality and the environment by means of the intervention and diffusion of this policy.

CLIENT SATISFACTION: is the fundamental aim. The activities carried out by Diet Esthetic Laboratories are aimed at giving MAXIMUM SATISFACTION to OUR CLIENTS, for their present and future needs.

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: Including not only the processes and activities of our services but our individuals as well. The repercussions on the environment must be evaluated, controlled, and minimized.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: Quality and environmental management is a common task in all the activities of the company, each and every member has to assume their participation and responsibility in the PERFECTIONISM of the processes and the OPTIMIZATION of the available resources.

COMMUNICATION: Establishing an efficient and continuous communication with the client to detect the needs and the level of satisfaction. The most relevant information dealing with the environmental results of the company will be made available, upon previous application, to clients, external institutions and the administration in general. This policy is communicated to all workers, suppliers and persons who work in our name and is also at the disposition of the general public.

POTENTIALIZE HUMAN RESOURCES: The quality and protection of the environment links all the workers and suppliers. By means of training programmes and information it is hoped that all professionals contribute actively to improve the behaviour of the company.

SERVICE: Insuring compliance with the specifications and the delivery dates of clients thanks to a system of control and a follow-up of the work which has been carried out.

Because of this commitment to continuous improvement and prevention of pollution, Quality and Environmental Objectives will be established annually, allotting the necessary resources for their execution and to insure that Diet Esthetic Laboratories can unwaveringly face the challenges of the future.

At Laboratorios Diet Esthetic we demonstrate our commitment to the preservation of nature and sustainable development as the basis for our growth and we are committed to contributing to the improvement of the social and work conditions of our environment.

That is why we invite you to learn about the main results obtained this year in different areas:

– Renovation of the agreement of collaboration we have with Asproseat, a social organization declared of public interest the principal purpose of said organization is to promote and manage integrated services and support for the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities, their families and other groups at risk of social exclusion in the framework of a commitment to provide equal opportunities and the defence of their rights.
– Collaboration with the NGO Children of the World Federation by providing products for hygiene and cosmetic purposes for different social activities that are held in Satipo and Pichanaqui ( Peruvian jungle), Morococala, Santa Fe and Japo which are mining locations at more than 4500 meters altitude, Curico and Molina (Chile, in the last earthquake disaster zone), Guatemala, etc.
– Collaboration with the Nursing home La Rambla de Hospitalet de Llobregat, delivering batches of products to give to residents during the Christmas season.
– Collaboration with the National Police Force Association for the Disabled, providing batches of products for the Solidarity Awareness Market days which take place every year.

– Increase of the training activities for employees through in-house as well as external training courses.
– Improving ergonomics in the different production areas.
– We are committed to continuous training of our employees
– Improved security plans to minimize occupational hazards (Mapfre)

– Improvement of the water treatment that flows into the network by installing a physical chemistry treatment system.
– Improvement of the waste produced by means of authorized agents.
– Increase of recovered waste.
– Reduction of the power consumption by adopting cost-saving measures at the production level.
– Increased use of recycled plastic and glass packaging containers.

Diet Esthetic Laboratory is a member of Ecoembes, a company that encourages recycling and proper waste management as well as Aecoc, a multisectoral association of manufacturers and distributors responsible for the implementation of bar code that allows traceability of products.

We are certified by Bureau Veritas the standard ISO 9001:2008, which covers the design, production and marketing of cosmetic, veterinary and phytosanitary products.

We are in the process of obtaining certification from Ecocert for the production of certified organic products.

Diet Esthetic Laboratories subscribe to all the ethical principles of the Human Rights Declaration letter of the United Nations of 1948.

1st. Diet Esthetic Laboratories subscribe to all the ethical principles of the Human Rights Declaration letter of the United Nations of 1948.

2nd. Diet Esthetic Laboratories do not collaborate with those companies, institutions, associations or organizations of any kind which do not respect Human Rights.

3rd. Diet Esthetic Laboratories do not collaborate with those firms which employ children as labour or participate in any other form of exploitation.

4th. Diet Esthetic Laboratories do not generate contaminating waste in their activity. Diet Esthetic Laboratories do not collaborate with those companies or organizations which do not respect the environment.

5th. Diet Esthetic Laboratories believe in “fair business practice”. Diet Esthetic Laboratories do not collaborate with those companies or organizations which commit offences by trading in arms, child pornography, illegal drugs or sexual exploitation.

6th. Diet Esthetic Laboratories are committed to not using animals in their processes of investigation of investigation and testing of any of their new product lines. Diet Esthetic Laboratories do not collaborate with companies or organizations which do not respect animals.

7th. Diet Esthetic Laboratories are committed to the development of products which are harmless to the health of human beings and which contribute to increasing their well-being both in body and mind.

8th. Diet Esthetic Laboratories are committed to high quality in all their processes of production as a strategic formula toward a better adaptation to the necessities of the consumers.

9th. Diet Esthetic Laboratories guarantee the strictest confidentiality in all and every one of their different fields of activity, in accordance with the laws in force and the deontology in the different associations to which it belongs.

10th. Diet Esthetic Laboratories are committed to business values such as continuous training of all of its human resources and technological innovation as instruments of corporate development and the growth of social wealth

5-axis corporate policy

  • High investment in R & D


  • Proven experience


  • International presence


  • Qualified staff


  • Broad catalogue choice


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