Body 10 – Nº5 Body milk Tired Legs and Feet. 500 ml.

Body 10 – Nº5 Body milk Tired Legs and Feet. 500 ml.


Body milk Tired Legs and Feet – Cooling Effect

The swelling of the legs, ankles and feet, also known as peripheral edema, is the increased volume as a result of an abnormal accumulation of water in tissues and muscles of the lower extremities, especially after spending time standing or sitting. It affects men and women equally. This swelling is worse in hot weather, at the same time other circulatory problems are aggravated in the legs such as a sensation of heaviness and even varicose veins. Daily use of Body 10 tired legs and feet cooling effect produces immediate relief and comfort. 

Direction for use

Apply with gentle upward massage until completely absorbed, at any time of the day, especially after showering. Its effect will be noticable from the first application. It is recommended that your legs are elevated for a few minutes to relieve symptoms.



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