Sudatone Cryogel Anti-Cellulite Gel, 500 ml. Sudatone Gryogel is a professional gel-cream that allows optimal penetration of active ingredients to achieve quick and spectacular results in cellulite and localized or generalized obesity sweating treatments.

It is the ideal gel for the treatment of cellulite and localized obesity. It replaces traditional cold wraps advantageously and also provides a spectacular firming action on the tissues, offering great relief and well-being for legs and feet. It is ideal for people who spend a lot of time sitting or standing. We can use this product throughout the year, especially in summer!

The key ingredients in Sudatone are Fucus extract, Ruscus extract, caffeine, and menthol, which form a complex with high anti-cellulite and decongestant power.

Developed by us, Diet Esthetic Laboratories, experts in cosmetic formulation since 1985. We take pride in offering products for body care.

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This is a special cream gel for massages. It is the ideal gel for the treatment of cellulite and localised obesity. Replacing and improving on the old cold bandages, its also performs a spectacular tissue firming action, greatly relieving and improving the well-being of legs and feet. Ideal for people who have to sit or stand for a long time. We can use this product all year round. Especially in summer!

How to use

Apply a sufficient amount of cream to the area to be treated and massage it in with gentle circular movements until completely absorbed. Say goodbye to tired feet and legs, feel the instant sensation of relief and freshness!


The star ingredients of Sudatone are Fucus extract, Ruscus extract, caffeine and menthol, a complex with high anti-cellulite and decongestant power and extracts responsible for carrying out the effect of Hyperemia (slight skin irritation) so that the results are immediate.

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