Sudatone Anti Cellulite Gel with decongestant and emollient ingredients. Its characteristic heat effect activates the skin tissues and enhances the absorption of active ingredients, creating a synergy that combats cellulite nodules and fat deposits.

To use it, apply a sufficient amount to the desired area and gently massage until fully absorbed. It is advisable to perform a sensitivity test before use, as some of its ingredients may cause redness or a slight tingling sensation, which will quickly disappear. The key ingredients in the anti-cellulite cream are Fucus extract, Ruscus extract, caffeine, and Capsicum Frutescens extract, which together form a complex with anti-cellulite and decongestant properties. Additionally, there are extracts that generate a hyperemia effect on the skin for immediate results.

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This Thermoactive massage cream has anti-cellulite effects and also contains active decongestant and emollient ingredients. Its characteristic heat effect activates the exchange of skin tissues and encourages the receptivity of active ingredients, creating a synergy effect that directly attacks cellulite nodules and fat accumulations.

How to use

Apply a sufficient amount of cream to the area to be treated and massage it in with gentle circular movements until completely absorbed. Tip! Carry out a sensitivity test beforehand, as your active ingredients may produce redness or slight itching, which will disappear over a short period of time.


The star ingredients of Sudatone are Fucus extract, Ruscus extract, caffeine and Capsicum Frutescens extract, a complex with high anti-cellulite and decongestant power and extracts responsible for carrying out the effect of Hyperemia (slight skin irritation) so that the results are immediate

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